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Moving & Storage Service Solutions for the San Francisco Bay Area, Marin, Napa, and Sonoma Counties

Belfor Moving not only provides top-notch moving services, but also reliable storage. We offer secure moving Commercial Moving Company in Rohnert Park and Novato, CAstorage services. We understand that there may be some lag time while you move to your destination. You may need all your belongings stored for a short or long period of time. Belfor Moving can assist you with professional moving storage solutions for your home or business. Our modern storage facility has a sprinkler system, is insulated, alarmed and climate controlled, providing you with the most safe and secure method of holding your goods until you’re ready for them later.

Belfor Moving will store your goods in storage vaults. These vaults are also called pods, modules, or crates. When possible, we bring them by truck to you where they will be loaded at your residence, and delivered the same way later, thus avoiding additional handling. For inaccessible locations, or for convenience, Belfor Moving sometimes moves them in a moving van and reloads at our warehouse.

Storage is charged in two ways, by hourly moving into storage and a per vault rate per month, or by weight; both for moving into storage and storage per month. Generally speaking, most moves within 50 miles storage jobs are done by the hourly and per vault rate, and over 50 miles and out of state moves are charged by weight.


Moves in and out of storage are charged based on the origin and final destination, if known, and the storage detour. If the destination is unknown, Belfor Moving will always guarantee that the moving out of storage will not exceed the moving into storage as long as the distance to the final destination is the same as the distance from the origin to the storage or less, and the degree of difficulty unloading will be the  same or less. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE STORAGE! It’s a cheap bait and  switch tactic to fool people into thinking there is a freebie. It’s getting charged elsewhere, and hidden in the estimate. All estimates involving storage should have a rate per month, pro-rated per day, guaranteed for as long as the storage is needed, and a move out price. This stops the bait and switch movers who will load up the moving out charges. The P.U.C. regulates all storage for only 90 days, so you need this guarantee.


The shipment is weighed and both moving and storage charges are calculated by the net weight of the shipment. The number of vaults used is not figured into the charges. You should also get a guaranteed price going out of storage to protect yourself.

If you are looking for Bay Area Movers, call Belfor Moving at (707) 586-6662 or (415) 892-1001.  We are happy to assist you with your move.


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