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To be confident that your mover is qualified, please research the links below.

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Expert Local Movers for the San Francisco Bay Area, Marin, Napa, and Sonoma Counties in CA

Finding reliable local movers is a difficult task. Belfor Moving are the professional, local movers you have been looking for. We are experienced in all aspects of local moving for homes and businesses. We can assist you in obtaining high quality packing supplies, carefully packing your items, and even storing your belongings safely until your new place is ready. We will handle all moving logistics and planning so that you can sit back, relax, and let us do all the heavy lifting. Give Belfor Moving a call today.  We offer free in-home and virtual estimates!

The Best Local Movers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Marin, Napa, and Sonoma Counties

Local moves in the state of California are regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission, and all household goods movers are required to have licenses to operate in the state. Our license number is Cal T 133715. To keep this license current, we must have cargo coverage for our shipments, general liability, and workman’s compensation coverage for our employees. Belfor moving has been licensed since 1981 and is in good standing with the P.U.C.

Moving in California consists of two categories, local (under 50 miles), and distance (over 50 miles). From 50 to 100 miles the company has the option of charging local or distance rates.

Local rates

Local moves are charged by time and material. Rates may vary due to weekends, holidays, or areas, but all moves are charged by the hour, with round trip driving figured in. Time starts at your door, but movers will get paid back to the start of the job. Many movers have a minimum amount of hours they will charge based on their cost per day for workers or other factors. The movers will charge for any time they need to take apart furniture, wrap pictures, lamps, or other items, or packing of fragile items. Boxes, paper, and tape will be figured into the final cost.

Distance rates

For moves over 100 miles, movers must use a distance rate per pound, based on the size of the shipment. Average driving time is figured into the rate, and the rate is based on a certain state of readiness.  This means there will be no unpacked lamps, picture, mirrors, or glass. The rate is also based on a certain degree of difficulty, meaning up to 75 feet of carry and less than 7 stairs at either end. Any long carry, stairs, or packing to be done to get to this “certain state of readiness and difficulty” will cost more money. Packing can still be hourly with material charged, but can also be by unit pack (the container and the packing rate is figured into the cost of each carton packed).

The California Public Utilities Commission requires that all moves must have a not to exceed price put on the job before the job starts, either with an in-home estimate done earlier, or with a not to exceed price placed on the job at the start of the job, Belfor Moving strongly suggests that an in home estimate in writing be done before the move to avoid any unpleasant surprises for the movers or the customer.  We can also do virtual estimates — Ask for details!

If you are looking for Bay Area Movers, call Belfor Moving at (707) 586-6662 or (415) 892-1001.  We are happy to assist you with your move.



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